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Product Description, Data Sheets and Demo

Symbyon Systems has licensed the patented LDPC decoder technology and related software from Texas A&M University on exclusive basis. Symbyon Systems has further developed commercial products based on the licensed technology from Texas A&M University for the target markets that include flash-based memories, such as Solid-State Drives (SSDs), Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), other non-volatile memories (NVMs) such as RRAM, and wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and 5G. Symbyon's team comprises of experienced team members with PhDs and MBAs. Symbyon Systems’ technology has been presented and demonstrated in several industry conferences.

Product: In an LDPC solution, the decoder has the largest silicon area and memory requirements compared to other functional units. So the throughput of the system also relies largely on the decoder performance. Symbyon’s decoder technology makes the high-volume and low-cost deployment of LDPC solutions possible as it is known to be the most area and energy efficient decoder technology. Symbyon's  decoder technology and its unique features are covered by 6 issued U.S. patents and 1 pending patent licensed from Texas A&M University. Symbyon’s decoder technology has been previously adopted in high volume HDDs and has been shown to have no error floor in commercial flash memories. Furthermore, Symbyon System’s solutions support multiple codes with different rates and lengths using one single implementation and the IP is highly configurable. Thus, it is possible to tailor it based on the unique requirements of each customer.


The following is a summary of the product available for each target market:

Flash : The product comprises an LDPC encoder and detector package, where the encoder is used to convert user data into LDPC codewords, which are stored in the flash memory. The detector comprises an LDPC decoder and a signal processing unit to support soft data, pivotal to extend the life time of flash memories. This is a critical feature since the life time of modern flash memories decreases with their shrinking feature sizes and increased capacities.


Hard Disk Drives (HDD) : The product includes the LDPC encoder and decoder package tailored for HDDs.

Wi-Fi and 5G: The product includes the LDPC encoder and decoder package with support for various LDPC matrices defined in Wi-Fi and 5G standards.

NVM: The product includes the LDPC encoder and decoder package tailored for NVMs such as RRAMs

Product Datasheets and Demo: If you are interested in data sheets and/or demo for our products for Flash, Wi-Fi, 5G, HDD, and NVM, please contact us using the form.

Target markets
Data Sheets and Demo
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